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Your Trusted OEM Partner

Artcal is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) setting the standard for quality, efficiency, and reliability. Specialising in decals and stickers, we serve diverse industries including caravan manufacturing, boating, waste management, and emerging technologies such as EV charging stations.


As an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Artcal emphasises excellence in all facets of production of Decals and stickers, always driving for improved efficiency in our production methods, following onto the fitting of our finished products and beyond with warranty support.

Our Expertise

While our reputation and expertise has been built on servicing the caravan manufacturing industry, by partnering and growing strong business relationships with among others Crusasader and Nova caravans, our expertise include significant contributions to the boating sector, partnering with renowned manufacturers like Barcrusher boats.

We have also built strong relationships in servicing the waste industry, Working with Bingo Industries and Toro waste equipment. We are always trying to expand and move with the latest tech, our collaborations with emerging EV charging initiatives such as ChargeFox demonstrate our adaptability and commitment to diverse industries.

Community Engagement

Our operations extend beyond business. We are actively engaged with local councils, fostering partnerships and collaborations that benefit the wider community.

Our Approach

We approach each client's needs individually, understanding that every project is unique. We're known for our transparent communication, setting clear expectations and delivering consistently. We believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships, underpinned by trust and mutual respect.

Training & Support

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of our products. We offer comprehensive in-house training for larger organisations, ensuring they are equipped to get the most out of our products. Additionally, our array of instructional videos provide guidance, ensuring optimal product application.


In a rapidly evolving industry, we prioritise staying abreast of the latest advancements. Through continuous research, development and strong relationships with all major suppliers of print media and equipment, we ensure that our products and services remain at the industry's forefront, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

Supply Chain Reliability

We pride ourselves on our reliable supply chain. Again using our strong relationships with all of the major material distributors, we guarantee timely and reliable product deliveries, ensuring our clients operations remain uninterrupted.

Product Warranty

Every product we provide is backed by a comprehensive warranty. While the warranty's specifics may vary based on the material and its intended use within Australia, our unwavering commitment to quality remains a constant.

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Visit us at 1/7 Candlebark Court, Research VIC 3095, reach out via email at sales@artcal.com.au, or simply fill out the form below. We look forward to assisting you promptly.

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